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Jessie Sherwood

I was the girl in 5th grade that wore my Dad's tarpon shirt to school and got made fun of the entire day! The girl grabbing bait, throwing cast nets and tagging along on any fishing trips I could. A Florida native, I spent most of my life fishing the waters off Palm Beach and Long Key until relocating to Tampa in 2016. My father, an avid fisherman, shared his passion for the ocean with my family and taught me the old school ways of fishing at a very young age. Some of my fondest memories have taken place on the water and for that I am blessed and forever grateful.

Although offshore fishing with my family holds a very special and dear place in my heart, inshore fishing has become my passion. I now live in SW Florida and frequently fish the flats and skinny waters off my paddleboard. Snook are still my favorite fish to target, but I always enjoy fishing for redfish, trout, cobia, and tarpon. Since relocating to the Tampa/St.Pete/Sarasota area several years ago, I have successfully released every fish in hopes that these small acts will help conserve our fishery for future generations to enjoy. While catch and release isn't a practice I've always been familiar with (I loved making ceviche and fish tacos with our fresh offshore catches) I simply enjoy the challenge and beauty of the sport. 

It truly makes my heart full to design and create pieces for those who share the same passion for Florida, fishing, and the ocean all while contributing a portion of sales to Fish Florida ( to help provide children with the same fishing opportunities in hopes they too will get HOOKED ON THE SEA.